JDW Farms

Quality Hay for Sale!
Spring and Winter Wheat!

JDW Farms was established in 2008 and is a seasoned and experienced producer. We own and lease 500 acres of contiguous, irrigated farm ground near the Yellowstone river in Lockwood, MT. JDW produces, on average, 500 tons of high-quality alfalfa each year as well as spring wheat, winter wheat and corn.

JDW has sold hay all over the United States and can provide trucking quotes if needed. Our hay prices are based on the area hay market prices as well as test results. Three cuttings are harvested per year and the quality ranges from feeder to dairy quality alfalfa. We do our utmost to make doing business with us a first-rate experience.


1st Cutting Alfalfa, Good Quality! – $125 per ton

  • 250, 3x4x8, large squares available (160 tons)
  • Bales weigh approximately 1,300 lbs each
  • Dry and stored inside or under cover

2nd Cutting Alfalfa, Great Quality

  • Small squares available – excellent horse quality! $8/bale or $200/ton
  • 250, 3x4x8, large squares available second cutting (160 tons) – $150 per ton

Wheat Straw Available!

  • Small squares $4/bale!
  • Large Squares – $60 per ton.

Cattle Ranching:

JDW Farms also raises black angus cattle. We currently have 30 heifer, 30 calves and 2 bulls.

Contact Us:

Tod Bernhardt, Farm Manager
3306 Coulson Road
Lockwood, MT 59101