Quarry Services (QS) & Graymont Western US Enter New Contract

Quarry Services (QS), a division of Warren Transport, Inc. and Graymont Western US, Inc. recently entered into a new long-term load and haul agreement.  QS will continue to haul high-purity limestone from the Graymont Indian Creek quarry to a crushing plant where it is sized and conveyed; to haul lime from Graymont’s plant to the rail terminal; as well as to provide grading and reclamation services.  Sam Buchanan, QS General Manager said, “We have focused on running an efficient operation for Graymont and are thankful that they have chosen to continue working with us for many years to come.  We enjoy the work we do and greatly value the wonderful relationship we have with the team.  A special thank you to all of the QS employees whose outstanding efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.”  QS has already made significant new equipment investments to support this extended contract and the busy pace that is expected to continue.  Two 775 CAT Haul Trucks and a Hitachi Hydraulic Mining Excavator were recently purchased.