Warren Transport and Pete Lien & Sons Enter New Long-Term Contract

Warren Transport, Inc. (WT) and Pete Lien & Sons, Inc. (PLS) recently signed a new long-term lime hauling contract.  WT will continue to be the single source hauler of lime from PLS’ Rapid City, SD facility to Talen Energy’s Colstrip, MT power plant.  WT has been hauling this run for PLS since 2010 and is very excited to continue providing excellent service to such an important customer.  Lonnie Wallace, WT COO, said, “We are honored that PLS has chosen to extend our contract.  Our strong relationship and this contract extension wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous efforts of WT’s Rapid City Drivers who deserve recognition and thanks for a job well done.”  This run requires very experienced drivers and double sets of pneumatic trailers running at a strong pace to keep the power plant’s silos full.  WT’s Rapid City Branch Manager, Jim Maciejewski said, “Our drivers make me proud because they work extremely hard to be safe, reliable and provide quality customer service.”  For the long-term success of this run, WT Rapid City has continued to make safety a priority.  The WT Safety team, along with the PLS team, recently conducted a full safety audit at PLS’ Rapid City loadout facility, and WT Drivers also participated in additional safety training.  Shortly after, WT received very positive feedback from Holly Lien, PLS Executive Director, Marketing & Sales.  Lien shared the following message that was emailed to her by Brian Tideman, PLS Executive Director, Mining and Mineral Processing.  Tideman said, “Just wanted to pass along that I observed Chris Hodo from Warren Transport today.  He was tied off and using 3 points of contact in the most methodical and safe manner that I’ve ever seen from a driver.  It was refreshing.”  Lien said, “I was so proud to have received the message and thought it was well worth sharing.”  All of us at WT are proud as well and would like to thank Chris Hodo for his commitment to safety and for being an outstanding example of putting safety first!  WT is looking forward to many more great years of working with PLS and would like to thank them for being a fantastic customer and for their ongoing commitment to WT.