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Our number one goal is top notch customer service, and we are proven in the Bakken oilfields with numerous satisfied customers. Our focus is on providing quality products that are cost-effective, efficient and environmentally sound. We are proud to support the beneficial recycling of industrial by-products and to support bulk dry needs across multiple industries – Oil and Gas, Construction, Waste Management and more.

Serving MT, ND, SD, WY, NE, KS, CO, ID, and UT

We are proud to serve Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah.

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ENVIRO DRY®, ECONO DRY (Class C Fly Ash) and ULTRA DRY – Best quality fly ash and drill cutting stabilization products available

  • Generates the most heat in the industry and a solid set you can drive on

Wood Crumbles and Sawdust drying agents sold in super sacks

Fluids & Solids Control Support Team

Trucking and Logistics

  • 1 Ton Super Sacks
  • Pneumatic Trailers
  • Live Bottom Belt Trailers
  • Bulk Handlers

E&P Waste Disposal

  • Experts in regulatory compliance and safe landfill operations.
  • Fluids Disposal Services

Proven in the Bakken Oil Fields

  • Fresh Water, Brine, and Oil Based Drill Cuttings
  • Generates the Most Heat
  • Provides the Strongest Set to Encapsulate

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

  • Servicing ND, MT, WY and CO
  • On Call 24/7
  • On Site Technical Support

Supporting Beneficial Recycling

  • Coal ash recycling is a safe and environmentally preferable alternative to disposal
  • Safety First – EMI is a registered member of ISNetworld Safety Services – #ISN02076912 – to ensure compliance with all O&G safety programs.
  • Putting safety first and cultivating a friendly work environment based on honesty and integrity
  • Continuously elevating customer service
  • Maintaining our dedication to performance by continuously refining our quality and expanding our capabilities
  • Supporting coal ash recycling as a safe and environmentally preferable alternative to disposal
  • "The EMI sales team has been beneficial in helping to drill our wells with the addition of good quality lube, shaker screens and ash."

    Eric Cunningham, Company Man, Continental Drilling Rig Cyclone 28

  • "EMI is consistent on quality of products. Delivery is always faster than the competition. They always have what you need."

    Jeremy Gibson, Solids Control Hand for BOS Drilling Solutions, Newfield Production Drilling Rig

  • "Product is great! Dries cuttings and sets up well - better than any other product we have used."

    Travis Meyer, Solids Control Hand for BOS Drilling Solutions

  • "The ENVIRO DRY drying agent works great for fluids and centrifuge cuttings."

    Ben T. Vargas, Precision Drilling 565 – HESS

  • "I like the heat ENVIRO DRY puts out to dry out cuttings."

    Tim Eggleston, Nabors X10 – XTO

About Us

Environmental Materials markets safe waste management products and services to North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield and beyond. EMI’s drying agents – ENVIRO DRY® (Proprietary Fly Ash Blend), ECONO DRY (Class C Fly Ash), and ULTRA DRY (Diatomateous Earth) – are the best quality solidification and stabilization products in the industry.

Our market leading product, ENVIRO DRY®, is a proprietary blend that has been formulated to best serve individual markets and specific customer needs. Used extensively as a drying agent to stabilize cuttings, fluids, and various oil field waste streams, ENVIRO DRY® and EMI’s services have been put to the test successfully with many of the largest drilling and solids control companies in the Bakken for more than 10 years. With proven performance with fresh water, brine, and oil-based drill cuttings, ENVIRO DRY is a superior drying and bonding agent – remediating waste into a 100% dry material with a solid set. Other beneficial recycling uses include: use as a substitute material for portland cement to make concrete stronger, mixing with native soils for road stabilization, mine reclamation, and more. Customers can buy bagged or bulk products for delivery 24/7.

We provide on-site technical support through our experienced service staff who are experts in fluids & solids control, equipment and practices to support any operation. This is all complemented by E & P Waste Disposal services.

At EMI, safety and environmental responsibility are priorities. EMI’s products are environmentally sound and production methods are environmentally safe for our valuable employees and neighbors.

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